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VMU Faculty of Law is one o the most modern and fastest growing academic institutions of legal education in Lithuania. The faculty has around 1000 students, the staff is comprised of the highest quality specialists of law from Lithuania and all over the world. Studies are conducted by using modern interactive methods of education, students reach the excellence in the fluency of legal English. The faculty offers over 50 different courses in legal and interdisciplinary fields, the basic part is taught by the experts of Lithuanian law, while most of the electives – by the foreign specialists of law. The faculty has the cooperation and exchange agreements with many of the foreign academic institutions, students have perfect possibilities to spend part of their studies abroad, international summer schools are organized, students with impeccable behavior during their studies receive the Michigan State University certificate in Transnational Law. The alumni of the VMU Faculty of Law are not only successful in being employed in the basic legal professions in Lithuania, but also are very competitive in the international sphere.

Jay Erstling was named a Minnesota Attorney of the Year

Visiting Professor Jay Erstling was recently named a Minnesota Attorney of the Year for his work creating a patent pro bono program that helps low-income independent inventors obtain patent protection for their inventions.  The program, which is called the LegalCORPS Inventor Assistance Program, was the first of its kind in the United States.  With the help of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, It is now being expanded to provide legal representation to low-income inventors throughout the country.  Jay Erstling is a professor on the faculty of William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota, and he is also Of Counsel at the Minneapolis intellectual property law firm of Patterson Thuente Pedersen.



First Annual Campus Europae Moot Court Competition

Vytautas Magnus University Faculty of Law has the honor of hosting the First Annual Campus Europae Moot Court Competition on October 3-4, 2014 ("CEMC"). 
6 universities from different countries, including VMU, will be taking part in the competition.  While this is an actual competition, one of the goals of CEMC is also to train the students how to make an argument in front of a tribunal and how to prepare written legal briefs.  A leading expert in public international law, Prof. Matthew Happold from the University of Luxembourg, will be preparing the moot court problem and will also participate in the training sessions.  Other leading experts in international moot court competitions will also be present and are scheduled to give trainings.  



International Conference on Intellectual Property Law

We have some news! 
Paolo Zagami, Attorney at Zagamilaw International Law Firm and Vicepresident of European Lawyers Events is coming to our conference! 

Place: Small Hall of Vytautas Magnus University (S. Daukanto str. 28, Kaunas)
Date: October 1, 2014
Time: 9:00-17:00

Register at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , state your name, surname, study year, university, membership at ELSA and wait for confirmation!







Opportunity to Earn U.S. LL.M. Degree in Half the Time and at Half the Price

Texas Tech University School of Law in Lubbock, Texas is one of the International Student Exchange Partners with whom the Vytautas Magnus University is affiliated.  Students that participate in the Exchange Program with Texas Tech can now take advantage of an Advanced Standing program implemented by Texas Tech, which allows such participants to qualify for an LL.M. degree in half of the time that would normally be required and at half the cost.




It is still rather common for procedural law to be enclosed in the framework and tradition of national regulation and law. This field of regulation appears to be the matter of the “vernacular language” of law.

However, the tendencies or even necessities of a more universal approach in this sphere are becoming more and more evident in specific areas of procedural law, for example, in regulations relating to jurisdiction, the recognition and enforcement of judgements in civil and commercial matters, the development of the new forms of ADR processes, or widening the scope of the jurisdiction of the ICJ. At the European level, the topic of the harmonisation of civil procedure constantly attracts the attention of scholars, politicians and legal practitioners making the creation of a European law of civil procedure a more and more realistic endeavour. Even any given separate national legal system in this field already cannot escape globalisation driven by cross-border influences.

Legal practitioners and scholars conducting research in the field of law as well as in related interdisciplinary fields are invited to present their research and insights on the procedural law influenced by globalisation in the conference Impact of Globalization to Law: Procedural Law from a Cross-Border Perspective to be held on the 25th of April, 2014.





The focus of the conference is not only the special field of the professional responsibility of a lawyer, but also the wider scope of the responsibility related to the facet of good morals. What is the relationship between those two fields – professional responsibility and good morals? What is encompassed by the term “good morals”? Is it necessary to regulate two fields separately, as it is sometimes done in the US (having in mind codes like those of civility besides the codes of professional responsibility), or must both fields be covered by a unified regulation? How should apparently immoral conduct affect the possibilities of a person to participate in a legal profession? These and other theoretical and practical issues related to the concept of good morals of a lawyer are the focus of the upcoming conference.

Legal practitioners and scholars conducting research in the field of law (as well as in related interdisciplinary fields) are invited to participate in the event.
This event is organized in cooperation with the Research Council of Lithuania (contract No. MIP-0202012).
Date: 8th of May, 2013.
Venue: S. Daukanto str. 28, Kaunas, Lithuania.
Registration of participants: 9.30 – 10.00 a.m.
Opening of the conference: 10.00 a.m.
Closing of the conference: 15.00 p.m.


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